bananas are berries
I don't know if I've already asked you to but could you doodle Smiffy the person smiling his big (cute) dumb smith smile

(also, said Smiff the Flirt instead of ladies man because, i doubt he cares about gender. he'd treat you the same either way, lol)


Ok but I propose to you, smiff being being a puddle and going down a drain on accident


Smiff's bouncing eyebrows are hypnotizing.

lil Slime guy now has a big mouth to fit his big mouth, lol.


wow, the way you draw him, plus the added mouth, actually makes him look kinda handsome. Smiff the Flirt anyone?


lol. they probably have the same trouble getting him into the tub as adult


momma trott still has to make smiff take a damn bath before he melts the floor

well, what would your Alsmiffy look like with a mouth? probably like your friend actualtrottimus's design, only more fitting to your style?


this was wie rd to do ngl

i found out i can buy coffee with my schools house point system ? ? ? ?? fuck yeah costa

owleebean replied to your post: one my dogs is horribly allergic to fl…

I work as a bather and when things like this happen we use the brand “Natures specialties” and the ones for irritated skin and itch is lavaderm but there’s also a really good shampoo called Zymox. You can use both.

thank you friend!! i’ll look into it uvu