bananas are berries
The only person I've ever kissed (outside of relatives) was a girl I hate, and I did it because she was being a total drama queen about going on stage to do a scene in a musical, so I kissed her and told her to stop holding up the damn play. Later the guy I would go on to date (and break up with because he cheated on me with her) made jokes about how we kissed the same lips.


i’ve never kissed nayone other than my relatives, and even then that last time i did was my grandad, just after he died.

I've been in the yogscast fandom for 3 and a half years ^_^;

i have no idea how long i’ve been in the yog fandom for

interesting fact: i once had a girl in elementary school insist that i was born-and-raised british, despite me repeatedly telling her i was from florida (i think she confused my speech impediment for an accent)


one of my old friends who i’d known since basically birth tried to convince me she was actually american and talked in a really bad accent for days

I'm easily the shortest adult in my family, measuring a whopping 4'10". I'm 26.


i’m taller than edward elric and that is the only achievement concerning height that i have

I have some extremely unpopular opinions in terms of gaming, but no one ever seems to confront me about it for some reason.

ive brought 3 assassins creed games and i havent completed the playthrough of a single one

I am from Greece :D By the way, love the blog <3

im from england

After walking away from a conversation I have an incredible urge to repeat parts of the conversation I said in the same way I said them and it gets embarrassing when I do it and there's people around.

when i type things i sometimes mutter them again and again trying to force the text to be how i want it to sound because typing doesnt express enough of my feelings or something idk

i once one a giveaway that was followers only and I didn't even remember reblogging it let alone follow and to this day as I hold my prizes I'm like why. i don't deserve this.

when i was lil i used to enter those giveaway things in kids magazines . the only thing i ever won was a fact book that i lost

Once I stood on a a huge nail and it went straight through my foot but my parents didn't take me to hospital, they just pulled it out and checked when I had my last tetanus injections

o W
i once ripped my toenail while i was closing my bedroom window, at first i thought i just stubbed it so when i went downstairs, i was just like ‘oh shit theres blood on my foot’

I'm, like, 3rd or 4th cousins with the guy who voice acted Steiner in L.A. Noire. Which isn't that big of an achievement, but enough of that your turn.

my uncle once got mistaken for some celebrity while we were in this book village thing and some random people took a selfie with him