bananas are berries

You took RS cause you are a fool and I have told you that all along ;)


i think jesus farted and he didnt want the galaxy to smell like ass so he was like “gotta blame SOMEBODY” and thus more gods were was like ‘dang jesus’ tho bc u smelt it u delt it

thanks friend it’s all clear now

i dont suppose anyone can explain the ontological arguement for gods existence this thing sounds dumb as shit

everyone should watch hoodwinked

i should be using tonight to sort out my sleep pattern because i have school technically tomorrow but i was too busy playing walking dead


$ = You’re awesome
! = You inspire me

thank you friend ovo!!!!


# = I love your blog

aaaaa thank you ovo!!

$$$ + ###

$ = You’re awesome
# = I love your blog

aaaa thank u friend ovo!!!!


@ = You’re beautiful
& = I wish we were close
aaaaa thank you friend ovo!!